This Week’s Monstrous ‘Roseanne’ Ratings Send Hollywood A Strong Message

Jena Greene | Reporter

It’s probably safe to say that the contemporary TV shows that unapologetically skew left could take a lesson or two from ABC’s reboot of “Roseanne.”

While shows like “Jimmy Kimmel Live” and “American Idol” hemorrhage ratings, “Roseanne” just seems to be on an upward climb. Delayed premiere ratings came in on Tuesday and reported that the sitcom did even better than previously projected. (RELATED: The Delayed ‘Roseanne’ Ratings Are In. Turns Out, It Did Even Better Than Expected) On its premiere, “Roseanne” clocked in at a jaw-dropping 27.3 million viewers and an 8.1 rating among adults aged 18-49.

This week, “Roseanne” delivered an equally impressive performance. While some viewers were expected to drop off after the premiere hype died down, the sitcom is still registering some impressive numbers and managing to keep a massive nationwide audience.

Early indictions show that Tuesday’s episode scored a 3.4 rating among adult viewers aged 18-49. 13 million viewers tuned in to watch, which is only about two million less than last week’s. (RELATED: ‘Roseanne’ Keeps Impressive Ratings For Third Week In A Row)

Though the steady decline was to be expected, “Roseanne” is still the number one show on television.

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