Projected Top NFL Pick Drops N-Bombs In Old Tweets

David Hookstead | Reporter

Josh Allen apologized late Wednesday night after several tweets surfaced of him using the n-word multiple times.

Yahoo Sports dug up several tweets from when he was a high school kid. They date as far back as 2012. The tweets have since been deleted, but mostly appear to be quote tweets. The text of a few of the tweets are below:

As you can see, it very much appears that he’s quoting somebody tweeting at him. This appears to certainly be the case in the last two. Either way, he apologized Wednesday night to ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith.

I can’t believe we’re a few hours from the biggest day of this young man’s life, and somebody actually spent the time to dig through his old tweets. Is dropping the n-bomb on Twitter smart? Obviously not, but he was a young teenage boy when he sent these tweets. It’s not like this happened a week ago. Everybody does dumb stuff when they’re 15 and 16 years old. Anybody who claims to be totally clean is a liar.

We’re going to be in a world of hurt if we start holding adult men responsible for what they did before they could legally buy a beer, vote or drive a car. That’s not a world anybody wants to be living in. We’re headed down an extremely dark path as a society if we start taking deep dives into the lives of young men. Boys do and say stupid stuff. Men, in general, do lots of dumb stuff, myself included. The point is to grow up and learn. I’m not sure we’re advancing society for going after teenage Josh Allen. Doesn’t seem productive at all.

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