‘SEAL Team’ Continues To Be One Of The Best Shows On Television

David Hookstead | Reporter

CBS has a certified hit on its hands with “SEAL Team.”

I hyped this show before a single episode aired on television. I just had a feeling that the David Boreanaz-led show was going to be special. I was 100 percent correct.

This show isn’t about a bunch of brainless military guys with guns killing people, a common trope when the entertainment industry wants to produce military content.

There is tons of action, and it’s always awesome. However, what makes this show so damn cool is that it focuses way more on the human element. It focuses on the moral dilemmas that warriors find themselves in.

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For example, one episode focused on the death of an innocent boy after a SEAL’s errant grenade toss due to an injury he had hidden. He felt he had to deploy despite the injury out of loyalty to his team. That loyalty got a kid killed. These are moral questions that must be weighed.

You need to be watching “SEAL Team” if you aren’t already. The action is gripping, the missions are awesome and most importantly, the show focuses on what the men are like off the battlefield.

This show isn’t one to miss.

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