Today Is The 73-Year Anniversary Of America Defeating The Nazis

David Hookstead | Reporter

Today marks the 73-year anniversary of the United States officially celebrating victory over the Nazis in Europe.

World War II saw the carnage that we will hopefully never see again, and it also proved without question that America is the greatest country the world has ever known.

Millions of young American men went to Europe armed with M1 rifles and Thompson submachine guns hellbent on bringing freedom and killing Nazis. We would lose over 100,000 men in Europe before the Nazis finally waived the white flag.

Make no mistake about it, ladies and gentlemen. We came to kick ass, take names and drink beer. Our boys showed up without any beer, and we all know what happened next.

D-Day was our coming out party. We didn’t just knock on the door of Europe. We ran directly through it. American forces took the beaches with our allies, and the airborne dropped in behind enemy lines to smoke out the enemy. The Nazis had no idea what had hit them. HBO’s “Band of Brothers” did a phenomenal job of bringing the war to life.

Nowadays, the youth whines and complains if their morning Starbucks isn’t served properly. Our boys back in the day ran into enemy machine-gun fire looking to kill a German with every round in their M1 rifle.

Imagine being a German soldier on D-Day. You’d watch wave after wave of American soldiers hit the beach as your artillery becomes silent thanks to our badass Airborne soldiers. That’s what America is all about.

How about when we held the line in Bastogne during the Battle of the Bulge. In Bastogne, some American paratroopers were down to a single bullet left to hold off the German offensive. That’s a horrifying thought, and our guys still didn’t break.

Even when we were completely surrounded, General McAuliffe simply replied “NUTS!” when the Germans told the Americans of our impending doom. We still held that line. The Germans thought they could break through our lines and shift the winds of the war. They found out real quick that farm boys from the South and Midwest armed with rifles had very different plans.

God bless every man who got a troop carrier to Europe, loaded his weapon, fought the Germans and killed as many as they could. We lost a hell of a lot of great men along the way, but that’s the price of freedom. This is a price that we must never forget because when we do, things like the Holocaust happen.

I hope our enemies know that America doesn’t play games, and the same fate that met the Nazis awaits every enemy on the planet who would dare threaten us.

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