Former Duke Star’s Mother Comparing Athletes To Slaves Is Ludicrous

David Hookstead | Reporter

Former Duke star Wendell Carter’s mother, Kylia Carter, recently compared NCAA student-athletes to prisoners and slaves.

She recently said the following at the Knight Commission on Intercollegiate Athletics, according to the Chicago Sun Times:

When I pull back the layers, the problem that I see is not with the student-athlete. It’s not with the coaches and the institutions of higher learning. But it’s with a system — like the only system that I have ever seen where the laborers are the only people that are not being compensated for the work that they do while those in charge receive mighty compensation.

The only two systems where I’ve known that to be in place is slavery and the prison system. And now I see the NCAA as overseers of a system that is identical to that.

This is so dumb that it’s hard to comprehend. I have been a fierce critic of the NCAA, and think the organization is out of control. There are more problems with the NCAA than I could ever hope to count, but let’s get real. Playing college sports on a scholarship is nothing like being in prison or being a slave. They’re not even close, and it’s insulting to think anybody is dumb enough to think they are similar.

Should college athletes be paid cash or be allowed to profit off their likeness? I don’t know the answer, but I’m more than happy to engage in the conversation. As somebody who has grown up in the sports world my whole life, however, and was paid by a division-one college to play basketball, I can say with complete certainty that being in sports is nothing like being a slave.

A full-ride college scholarship for football and men’s basketball covers your tuition, books and living expenses. Athletes at major Power Five schools also get a little extra stipend. Correct me if I’m wrong here, but I’m pretty sure slaves and prisoners weren’t getting full rides to the most elite schools in America to play sports.

There is a serious conversation to be had about the NCAA, and moronic comments like these from Kylia Carter don’t help the conversation. It brings it to extreme levels and people just tune out.

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