The Latest ‘Westworld’ Theory Has Fans Going Absolutely Wild

David Hookstead | Reporter

Many “Westworld” fans believe they might already have a major twist from season two figured out, and it involves the Ghost Nation Indians.

The show wants us to believe that they are just more villains roaming around the park looking for blood. Evidence might tell us, however, that Ghost Nation is actually hellbent on protecting humans.

This has popped up in two major Reddit theories and in our own office. The two different Reddit theories are below:

Theory one:

After tonight’s episode I get this vibe that the ghost nation are saving humans. Maybe it is a narrative or something else entirely, but the revelation that Stubs is alive in S2E1 despite being captured and then tonight how they only wanted Lee at the river. The way they pick up that girl from IndiaWorld seemed like it would be very relevant later on although didn’t really indicate much just yet.

It definitely seems like there is more going on with them and I think the whole very bad guys actually being good guys cliche might be it, perhaps Elsie is playing a role too?

Theory two:

I’m assuming that Elsie has successfully reprogrammed the Ghost Nation hosts to serve her, having seen the drone revolt coming after being spared last season by Bernard. That’s why the hosts didn’t immediately kill Stubbs, that’s why they wanted Sizemore to come with them (they sought to rescue him after identifying him as human), and now that’s why they’ll be saving the woman that escaped the India park.

So, here’s the crazy thing. This idea was floated to me before I even dived into the Reddit world by a co-worker. It almost makes too much sense for anybody willing to take the time to break down the evidence.

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When have we ever seen Ghost Nation? Only when humans are around and in trouble. They grabbed Stubbs at the end of Season One when all hell broke loose, they came for Sizemore when he was with Maeve in the latest episode and they came for the abandoned woman in Raj World. We have no evidence that Ghost Nation kills humans. If they did, how would Stubbs still be alive? They took his lunch money for everything it was worth, or we thought so at the time.

I can’t wait to find out if we turn out to be right about Ghost Nation, but I have a strong feeling that we will be. It’ll just be another win for The Smoke Room team.

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