The Twist Ending Of The Latest ‘Westworld’ Was Absolutely Insane

David Hookstead | Reporter

We’ve got another season two “Westworld” episode under our belts, and this one was amazing.


Episode four of season two, “The Riddle of The Sphinx,” might have been the greatest episode of the show ever made. It was high energy from start to finish, and left fans with an incredible twist ending. An ending that I’ve long predicted.

Emily, the woman first revealed in Raj World, is the Man in Black’s daughter, and this was revealed in the final seconds of the show when she simply utters, “Hi, dad.” (RELATED: THIS ‘WESTWORLD’ THEORY WILL ABSOLUTELY SHOCK YOU)

This is major news for a couple reasons. First, I and many others speculated that Emily was the MiB’s daughter due to her vast knowledge of the park, and the fact we have long known that he had a daughter not yet introduced.

Second, and this is very important, Emily (also known as Grace) being alive and well pretty much guarantees that Ghost Nation is there to protect humans. Where was the last place we saw Ghost Nation? We saw them coming to her at the end of episode three. Next thing we know is that she’s out and meeting with her dad completely healthy and safe. No human who has ever crossed Ghost Nation has ever been harmed as far as we know. (RELATED: THE LATEST ‘WESTWORLD’ THEORY HAS FANS GOING ABSOLUTELY WILD)

It’s the writers screwing with us. They’re made to look as intimidating and menacing as possible, but we have no proof at all they’re a threat to humans. I hate to brag, but I called this a long time ago. I literally was jumping out of my chair last night with so much excitement as it appeared that I’d been proven correct. Major props to me, and everybody else who saw the writing on the wall.

Last night, “Westworld” took things to a totally different level, and I couldn’t be happier. This journey has been incredibly fun, and the show is only getting better as it goes along.

I can’t wait to see what is ahead in the rest of season two.

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