Get A Load Of These Legendary Hawaiian Golfers Playing Through An Apocalyptic Volcano Eruption

Jena Greene | Reporter

A couple of brave golfers in Hawaii are grabbing headlines today after they decided to remain on the course, despite a very active volcano dumping ash into the air just yards away.

Hawaiin officials continue to warn residents about “hazardous emissions of sulfur dioxide” leaking into the atmosphere but that’s no match for a dedicated golfer. (RELATED: Take A Minute Out Of Your Day To Watch The Craziest Videos Of A Hawaiian Volcano Erupting)

The footage of these guys looks like something out of a movie.

Just for reference, this is what’s been going on a little inland:

I have nothing but respect for these fine men. These are the kind of men that define a country’s grit and commitment to the game. It sends a strong message to everyone else in the world that the U.S. doesn’t cave to pressure. Not to volcanoes. Not to Pearl Harbor. Not to anything.

If you could go back in time and tell the congressmen who helped make Hawaii a state that these are the people we welcomed into the republic, you can bet they’d be proud. This is raw American spirit. You don’t stop just because there’s a little ash in the air. You take advantage of the empty course and you play your heart out. Incredible display of heroism. Hawaii is an American treasure.

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