Multiple Kardashians Get Hit With Massive Lawsuit. The Details Are A Bit Strange

David Hookstead | Reporter

Members of the Kardashian clan have been sued for allegedly not paying a pretty large private jet bill.

Kim and Khloe Kardashian, Scott Disick, Poo Bear and a few other unnamed people got hit with a lawsuit for $225,353.80 by Silver Air, LLC after they apparently didn’t pony up the necessary cash, according to TMZ.

TMZ reported the following details:

Sources connected to the Kardashians tell us, Kim, Khloe and Scott used a company called JetLux — who is also a defendant in the lawsuit — to charter planes. They would pay them a large lump sum for hours credited and the company then contacts third party jet companies to supply the aircraft and pay those companies from their money. Our sources say JetLux apparently booked some flights but never paid their vendors, and that’s the root cause of the lawsuit.

Yeah, I hate to sound like a dude who doesn’t value money (I do), but this situation just seems to me like another example that the Kardashians aren’t as wealthy as they’d like us to believe.

I’m not even referring to whether or not they actually paid the bill. I’m referring to the fact that somebody who flashes wealth like they do should be able to just buy a plane. Are private jets expensive? Yes, but somebody with a net worth of $175 million can afford one if that’s actually her net worth. (RELATED: KIM KARDASHIAN GOES TOPLESS IN SHOCKING PHOTO)

Secondly, a quarter-million dollars is like a speeding ticket for somebody worth nearly $200 million. I mean, would you even notice if that money went missing? I’d rather just pay the guy to go away than battle it out in court. It’s pennies we’re talking about, right? Surely, the Kardashians have enough money to drop a low six-figure payment on just about anything.

Plus, they’re all about appearing rich. Getting sued, rightfully so or not, over such a relatively small amount isn’t exactly being a big baller.

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