Mike Leach’s Current Location Might Raise A Few Eyebrows

David Hookstead | Reporter

Washington State football coach Mike Leach is in Southeast Asia for some unknown reason, and it’s just more proof of his legendary status growing.

The Seattle Times reported the following on him making an appearance on Cambodia:

This isn’t the start of a new joke, but a description of reports out of the Southeast Asian nation that Cougar head football coach Mike Leach and three Washington lawmakers are in the Cambodian capital this week, where they met with the prime minister and other government officials.

Legislative staff members back in Olympia were working Tuesday to come up with details of the trip after Sens. Mike Baumgartner and Doug Ericksen, and Rep. Vincent Buys, along with Leach, were shown in meetings with Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen.

It was unclear whether the lawmakers were paying for the trip themselves or traveling as guests of a private or government organization. The state is apparently not paying for the trip.

He also didn’t just visit Cambodia; he made a stop in Taiwan, too. Don’t worry — we’ve also got some photos, and they’re awesome.

I have so many questions that I don’t even know where to begin. Anybody who doesn’t love and appreciate what Mike Leach is to college football has no sense of humor. Most football coaches never leave the film room, and those who do generally aren’t solid coaches.

Leach, a very talented coach, is spending the month of May in Southeast Asia. It doesn’t make any sense. I would also pay so much money to be with him on this trip or any trip. I bet it’s entertaining as all hell. Everything Mike Leach does is hilarious. He could probably narrate his own funeral, and it’d be incredible. (SLIDESHOW: These Sexy Women Love Football)

I would have loved to have been there to see the local reaction to this man. They must have been at a loss for words. We’re at a loss for words here in America when it comes to Leach.

This man is a legend of the game, and I hope he gets a job someday in the SEC or the Big Ten. His talents are being wasted on the small stage of the PAC-12. America deserves him and everything that comes with him to be on the biggest stage possible.

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