Guy With A Mullet And Budweiser Shirt Might Be The Most Badass Marine Recruit Ever [PHOTO]

Jena Greene | Reporter

A new photo out of the Marine Corps Recruitment Depot in San Diego, Calif., surfaced online on Wednesday and boy is it a sight for sore eyes.

It shows a couple of new recruits from the Lima Company at the MCRD in San Diego, and most of them except for one look perfectly put together and unassuming. But then there’s one renegade cowboy in the middle speaking on what looks like a telephone from the 1980s, almost certainly about his plans for world domination.

Is there anything about this guy that doesn’t scream American grit? He clearly has some serious stones on him to wear an American flag Budweiser tank on base as a new recruit. That’s the first thing you need if you’re going to be a war hero: love for America and unrivaled bravery. Not to mention, he’s a little unshaven and is rocking possibly the coolest mullet I’ve seen since “Joe Dirt.” I mean, this could be the mullet to bring back mullets. Which tells me two things: he isn’t scared of getting dirty and he’s his own man. None of that collared shirt, high and tight nonsense. He’s his own man. And that’s the exact mentality you need to have to be a war hero.

Mark my words. If this kid isn’t killing the terrorists and making an even better name for America in 10–12 months, then my name is not Jena Greene. The Marines should just preemptively recognize his capabilities and let him keep the mullet and send him off to the Middle East, packed with ammunition, and let him run roughshod on all the people who want to see us dead.

Times are tense right now. Things aren’t looking great in North Korea. Israel and Palestine couldn’t be at each other’s throats more. Iran is irate. Let’s maybe throw out all those talks for once and send this kid overseas to clean it all up. He may be our best option.

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Jena Greene



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