ESPN Takes Deeper Dive Into Liberal Politics With This Insane Move

Jena Greene | Reporter

ESPN, the failing resistance network with some sports sprinkled in, jumped off the high dive into the cesspool of social activism today after announcing its decision to hire Keith Olbermann as a guest anchor of the 11:00 p.m. edition of Sportscenter.

The network announced its decision to bring him aboard the sinking ship on Friday.

“Keith’s smart, creative perspective on the world of sports always informs and entertains fans,” said Norby Williamson, Executive VP of ESPN. “His varied collection of ESPN appearances over the last several months has provided a great model for utilizing his distinctive voice and this new agreement will extend his contributions even further.”

Olbermann has been a contributor with ESPN since January, but he’s been an unhinged leftist his whole career.


He’s the author of the thought-provoking and totally normal book “Trump Is F*cking Crazy (This Is Not A Joke).”

And to top it all off, he says his “political sensibilities are totally in line with” ESPN commentator Jemele Hill, who believes President Trump is a white supremacist.

It’s almost too predictable that ESPN is hiring strictly radical political commentators now. I’m not sure this is an attempt at saving the company or sinking it. The network’s ratings have been in something of a free fall for a year now, in large part due to its full-throated social activism.

When you have pundits — who are hired to report the game scores — profanely spewing off about Trump’s “racism” and hailing Colin Kaepernick as a “hero,” it’s not exactly an airtight business model. (RELATED: NFL To Require Players To Stand For National Anthem Or Stay In Locker Room)

Rather than digging in and hiring one of the most unhinged commentators the left has to offer, ESPN should take a page from the NFL’s playbook, which recently ruled that players have to stand for the anthem. It may come as a surprise to the ESPN execs in Bristol, but not all of America turns on ESPN for their daily dose of resistance politics. Most of the time, they just want to watch the game.

I wish Keith Olbermann all the best in this new move. He’s going to need it.

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