Bill Murray Has Some Choice Words For People Who Can’t Get Off Their Phones

Jena Greene | Reporter

Bill Murray has about had it with people who can’t get off their cell phones.

The “Caddyshack” actor shared some of his biggest complaints about social media this week and he certainly didn’t hold back.

“My only problem with it is that people now feel they should document their life rather than live it,” he told the UK’s Guardian. “The other night I was at a party and there was a wonderful DJ playing there, but you couldn’t dance without people pulling their phone out of their pocket and saying: ‘Let’s film ourselves dancing!’ Why don’t you film yourself dancing and I go stand over here, you know?”

And with Murray getting close to 70, he says his relaxation techniques include staying far away from anything that drains him — likely including cell phones.

“My relaxation is a complete collapse of a human being,” he says. “There’s certainly no backbone. It’s a dissolution of humanity is what it is. I’m nothing but compost most of the time.”

I’m with Bill Murray on this one. I often say that young people especially are too addicted to their phones. Many of my friends have a hard time relaxing if they’re separated from social media. So it sounds like Bill Murray is onto something here. I couldn’t be more supportive of this mindset.

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Jena Greene



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