Major Media Outlet Calls Me A ‘Conservative Middle-Aged’ Man. Sad!

David Hookstead | Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief

TV Guide apparently believes that I am well past my prime, judging from a recent article they published.

Liam Matthew’s wrote up reactions to the bikini contest being booted from the Miss America pageant, and I really don’t appreciate how I was portrayed.

How was I portrayed, you ask? Oh, nothing major, except I was included in the section prefaced with conservative middle-aged men: “Some people — mostly conservative middle-aged men — think the rebranding is silly.”

The list only included me, Clay Travis and Piers Morgan. The tweets from the three of us are below. (RELATED: SMOKE ROOM STATE OF THE UNION: WE MIGHT HAVE HAD THE GREATEST WEEK IN COMPANY HISTORY)

Yeah, I’m going to go ahead and take exception to this description. I am not even close to “middle-aged.” Not even close, my friends. I’m a 26-year-old stallion. Past my prime? I haven’t even touched my prime.

I’m up here in the office before the sun’s up most days, crushing Mountain Dews, hammering Miller Lites, creating content and this clown is over here judging like he just dropped in from a different planet. What the hell about my Twitter picture would make anybody think I’m in my mid-30s at a minimum? He’s either blind or lazy.

I get it to a degree. Everybody wants to take a shot at the king. Punching up is the only way for some people to get attention. However, my crystal blue eyes, flowing hair and stamina should have anybody thinking I’ve lost my edge thinking again. Damn, I’ll run through a wall right now to prove my point.

Do you think they call me “Rancher Dave” because I’m middle-aged? Absolutely not. I’m bred from perhaps the most elite DNA this side of the Mississippi has maybe ever seen. I might not even start to age until I hit 75.

Middle-aged? I haven’t been this insulted since my mom told me I didn’t have a realistic path to the NBA. Just blasphemy all the way around.

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