Watch Former NFL Player Get Tased, And Arrested In Shocking Video

Jena Greene | Reporter

Former NFL and Ohio State lineman Kirk Barton was arrested this weekend after he was forcibly kicked out of a bar for acting too drunk.

Not only was Barton arrested for his public intoxication, he required a full tasing to really bring him down to the ground so cops could apprehend him.

According to local news outlet 10TV, Barton was escorted out of the bar “because he was intoxicated and knocking over people — due to his large size and stumbling.”

So cops tried to put him in a cab, but that’s where things took a turn for the worse.

Barton couldn’t tell the driver what his address was, and when he was asked for his license he gave the cabbie his credit card instead.

“At that point, according to deputies, the Taxi driver handed the license to the deputy and asked him to read the small print/address to him — when Barton took ahold of the van door and slammed it into a deputy’s arm, nearly knocking him over,” 10TV reports.

From there, things escalated. Police told him if he didn’t get out of the cab he would be tased, and since he doesn’t comply, the cops tase him. The video is really a work of art.

I wish I could choose the best part of this video but there are too many to pick from.

First, it’s the middle of the day here in Ohio. And he’s completely off-his-rocker wasted. You have to respect a guy who pulls a move like this. Second, he’s getting tased while he’s in the cab, and it takes a solid, like, 8 tases to fully take him down. The guy is such a monster that even when he’s downright hammered, it still takes a literal squad to bring him down. He put up a solid effort, but at a certain point, the boys in blue won out. Great effort on all accounts.

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