‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ Is Slated To Lose An Absurd Amount Of Money

David Hookstead | Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief

The news for Disney when it comes to “Solo: A Star Wars Story” continued to get worse and worse with the latest box office updates.

The latest film in the “Star Wars” saga is expected to lose tens of millions of dollars. The Hollywood Reporter recently reported:

Wall Street analyst Barton Crockett says Solo will lose more than $50 million. Industry financing sources, however, say that figure could come in at $80 million or higher, although no one knows the exact terms of Disney’s deals for home entertainment and television, among other ancillary revenues.

Solo, directed by Ron Howard, isn’t likely to gross much more than $400 million globally against a budget of at least $250 million and a major multimillion-dollar marketing spend.

This is just getting embarrassing at this point for Disney and everybody behind “Star Wars.” How does a series with such a dedicated fanbase manage to pump the market full of so many new movies that the latest one might somehow manage to lose $80 million? It makes no sense at all. (RELATED: ‘SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY’ DISAPPOINTS AT THE BOX OFFICE. THE NUMBERS ARE SICKENING)

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This makes me really wonder if Disney is going to start pumping the breaks on these movies for a little. It’s unfortunate, but people have clearly grown a bit exhausted of “Star Wars” films right now. Hell, maybe we don’t need a spinoff series for every single character. I know it’s a radical thought, but it’s true.

There was once upon a time where a new “Star Wars” film was a guaranteed vault of money for a studio. Those days seem to be rapidly swindling. Maybe, we just take a short break. I don’t think fans like myself would complain too much. I’d rather have quality than quantity.

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