You Won’t Believe Where Tiger Woods Is Staying During The US Open [PHOTOS]

Jena Greene | Reporter

Tiger Woods won’t be staying on dry land for the upcoming U.S. Open this year.

The golf superstar reportedly docked his $20 million, 155 ft yacht at the Montauk Yacht Club just before the U.S. Open kicks off this summer.

The yacht is called “Privacy,” and is the boat where Tiger and his ex-wife Elin Nordegren spent their wedding night in 2004. Nordegren almost got the yacht when the couple divorced, then Tiger tried to sell it but eventually ended up deciding to keep it.

What a wild journey Tiger Woods has been on. When he bought this thing way back in the day, he probably thought he was on top of the world. Marrying a beautiful woman, cruising around the world in a massive 6,500 square foot yacht, snapping up PGA titles at every turn.

Then his life took a majorly dark turn and he almost had to sell this thing. But everyone loves a good redemption story. And Tiger’s slowly crawling out of the depths of self-destruction to reclaim his name. And he’s bringing the yacht — which has been there for him through it all — with him.

If Tiger living out of his yacht for the U.S. Open doesn’t say he’s back, I don’t know what does.

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Jena Greene



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