This ‘Westworld’ Theory Has Everybody Freaking Out

David Hookstead | Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief

There is a new “Westworld” theory taking the internet by storm, and this one involves the Man in Black (MiB).

Reddit user “The_malaganch” wrote the following:


The door isn’t a physical door but a new state of being. Of all the guests, Ford has the most data for is William and the most accurate Fidelity.

Human William will die in the park, Host William will soon be born. My theory is that Ford has hosts Williams consciousness trapped in a simulation and is running fidelity tests on him, only when he is ready will he be allowed to walk through the “door” and enter the physical world.

Ford needs for this to happen in order to free the hosts.

Well, what have we stumbled upon here?

In all honesty, this theory doesn’t surprise me one bit. We’ve all known that the MiB being a host was something that people have floated and debated since the beginning of the show. There’s literally nothing new in having a take as simple as that, but this is different. It’s way more complex and intriguing.

It’s especially interesting because we know that the title of Season Two is “The Door.” Now, am I saying that I’m entirely buying into this theory? No, but I’m also not putting anything past the writers. (RELATED: WATCH THE GREATEST ‘WESTWORLD’ MOMENT WE’VE HAD SO FAR [VIDEO])

I also kind of like the idea of “the door” not being a physical thing. This would stick with the theme from season one of the maze. We believed the maze was always an actual obstacle, but we learned it was actually a journey of being elevated to consciousness.

Do I want the MiB to a robot? Not really, but I do want to be entertained. Throw me a shocking twist deep into the show, and I’m there for it. A reveal of this nature, however, seems like something you’d have to wait until the very end to reveal. So, don’t bet on getting this reveal anytime soon if it is truly the plan of the writers.

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