Here’s Video Of Carson Wentz Hitting The Field After Knee Surgery. What Do You Think?

Jena Greene | Reporter

New footage of Carson Wentz running drills during Eagles OTAs this week has Philly fans seriously hyped.

It looks to me like Carson Wentz is feeling A-OK. (RELATED: This ‘Hallelujah’ Song Dedicated To Carson Wentz Will Bring You To Tears)

Now I don’t want to jinx things. The Eagles had a tough week this week. But this could mean things are looking up for Philly’s lord and savior Carson Wentz. Just a couple of months ago, people (me) were freaking out because a random Philadelphia doctor put Wentz’s prognosis at about a year. (RELATED: It’s Not Too Early For Philly Fans To Hit The Panic Button For Next Season)

I’m not doctor but it looks like Carson Wentz is going to be just fine for the start of the 2018 season.

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Jena Greene



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