Kevin Durant Wasn’t Done After Game 3 Of The NBA Finals Last Night. What He Did After Was Bizarre [VIDEO]

Jena Greene | Reporter

Kevin Durant almost let his emotions get the best of him last night after Game 3 of the NBA Finals, and it wasn’t pretty.

Even though the Golden State Warriors superstar should have been pretty pumped last night because his team embarrassed the Cavs yet again, he let a Cleveland fan get under his skin pretty bad, and it was all caught on video.

When Durant was heading into the Warriors’ hotel after the game, a fan started heckling him. He said a variety of things while filming, like, “You suck,” and, “Where’s LeBron at?”

But it was the final chirp that got the best of him. When a fan shouted out “UT is butt,” Durant turned around and started walking toward the Cleveland fan like he was going to fight him for insulting his alma mater.

It’s almost shocking how thin Kevin Durant’s skin is. At this point, you just have to sit back and enjoy how incredibly insecure he is. He’s a superstar basketball player on his way to winning the NBA finals, checking into the Ritz Carlton.

On paper, he’s got everything a guy could want. But he’s still getting triggered by kids who are so lame they spend their time hanging out outside of his hotel, just hoping to get a glimpse of a Warriors fan so they can heckle him. Shouldn’t be much of a fight, right? Rich pro athlete vs dweeby kid who still says ‘butt’ like it’s an insult?

But it was. Not only was it a fight; the kid won. He triggered KD so hard it registered on the Richter scale. He probably went home and logged into one of his burner accounts to tweet/sulk about it online. What a pathetic display of behavior. This isn’t how champions act. If he wasn’t so instrumental in annihilating the Cavs I’d say the Warriors should bench him for the rest of the series for this. Absolutely sickening.

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