The Capitals Winning The Stanley Cup Represents Everything We Love About Sports

David Hookstead | Reporter

The sun has come up, and the Washington Capitals winning the Stanley Cup is just starting to sink in.

I thought I was watching a movie last night when the final buzzer sounded. My eyes must have been deceiving me as I watched Alex Ovechkin skate around with the Stanley Cup. No, my eyes weren’t deceiving me at all. The Caps had finally gotten the job done.

Washington, D.C. was on fire last night as a city. I made the choice to stay home, eat dinner and watch the game in the privacy and safety of a private residence. Would riots break out if the Caps won? I had no idea, and I wanted to play it safe. Luckily, there were more than enough snaps and videos being sent my way. The atmosphere was electric. (SLIDESHOW: Hockey Rinks Might Be Cold, But These Women Are Scorching Hot)

Even President Trump had to get in on the action.

The city of D.C. has struggled mightily to win. In a way, the city’s sports are reflective of the politics. They’re frustrating as hell and disappointing. One of my close buddies is a huge D.C. sports guy. Absolutely massive, and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve sat across from him at the bar as he laments the lack of winning across the board.

I’ve been a Caps fan for almost three years now. Last night wasn’t about fans like me. Am I happy they won? Of course. I’m incredibly excited, but Ovechkin raising the cup was for my buddy and all the guys like him. Last night was a different experience for the fans who have cheered for decades without winning anything. Last night was for the father of two who has been a die-hard Caps fan living through disappointing season after disappointing season. Last night was for the recent local college graduate who wasn’t even alive when the Redskins last won the Super Bowl in 1992.

Ovechkin, Oshie and the rest of the Caps lifted a depressed fanbase out of the slums last night against the Golden Knights, and they did it in exciting fashion. I’m smiling ear to ear, but I can’t imagine what the fans from birth must be feeling today. This is what sports are all about. You cheer for years knowing the odds are never in your favor. Then, after years of putting in dedication and time, your team shows up on the biggest stage possible.

Hell of a run for the Caps, and I hope all the fans are cherishing the memories along the way. God bless hockey.

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