‘Bachelorette’ Gets Interrupted For Trump’s North Korean Summit, Fans Flip Out

David Hookstead | Sports And Entertainment Editor

Fans of the “Bachelorette” were not pleased when ABC cut into the broadcast to show Donald Trump’s meeting with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un.

They were so upset that Twitter made it one of the main trending moments of Monday night. Check out some of the best reactions below.

Do we want world peace or do we want the “Bachelorette” to air uninterrupted? Looks like the people have chosen the latter. This is why America remains undefeated. Who the hell cares if North Korea has a nuclear arsenal and is hellbent on causing all sorts of problems? Didn’t you hear the “Bachelorette” was on? We need to find out what guy will be picked and then dumped in a few months after the show is done. (SLIDESHOW: These Women On Instagram Hate Wearing Clothes)

As they say, nothing can truly stop love. Forget about a missile defense. Maybe we can bring a long-range North Korean ICBM out of the sky with our love for one another and the “Bachelorette.”

In all seriousness, I would have loved to have todays television lineup during World War II. Something tells me that nobody would have been freaking out if broadcasts were interrupted to let everybody know we’d beaten the Nazis. It’s incredible how soft some people have gotten. They’re honesty complaining about the “Bachelorette” getting interrupted because Trump is trying to bring us world peace. Give me a break.

On the other hand, I’m going to have a major problem if Trump starts holding these meetings during college football games. Ladies and gentlemen, that will simply not be acceptable.

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