Here’s Why Russia Is Training Its People To Smile More

Jena Greene | Reporter

The 2018 FIFA World Cup kicks off in Russia this week, but not everyone looks too happy about it.

The host country is expecting just north of 1.5 million tourists for the World Cup, which should make most Russians pretty happy. But according to a new report, Russian workers are being told to undergo smile training so they’ll appear friendlier to visitors. (RELATED: Stunning Russian Olympian Wants People To Stop Focusing On Her Instagram)

“Ahead of the World Cup, several organisations such as Russian Railways, Fifa and the Moscow Metro are conducting special training to teach their staff to be more polite and helpful to foreign visitors and, in particular, to smile more,” BBC reports. “It is often said that Russians do not smile at strangers as much as their Western counterparts.”

Oh man. What a time to be alive. Can you imagine just how bad life must be if you’re a Moscow Metro employee?

You probably deal with gross vermin, putrid stenches, miserable work conditions, and the most depressing surroundings known to mankind. And just imagine rolling up to this terrible job today, only to find a notice at your desk that you have to attend mandatory smile training so you can at least look like you love your job when all the crazed fans come to town.

But now this has my interest piqued. Are Russians actually going to smile more during the World Cup? I have absolutely zero interest in traveling to Russia in the near future but you can bet I’ll be scouring my TV for smiling Russians in the maybe-15 minutes that I actually happen to watch the World Cup. Chalk that up to a win for Team Russia.

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