Man Awarded Insane Amount Of Money After His Girlfriend Pulls Off This Crazy Move

Jena Greene | Reporter

A talented clarinetist who was awarded a scholarship to play his instrument in college missed out on an insane opportunity, and now he’s finally getting payback.

Eric Abramovitz had been training for a chance to play clarinet for MColburn Conservatory of Music in Los Angeles. When Colburn decided to accept him, however, things took a pretty unsuspected turn.

Abramovitz’s girlfriend, Jennifer Lee, intercepted his acceptance email, which offered him a $50,000 annual scholarship and deleted it so he would never see the offer. The two had been studying music at McGill University in Canada together and she was afraid if he saw the offer, he would leave her.

Lee then doctored an email posing as Abramovitz in which she rejected to offer on his behalf.

Eventually, Abramovitz realized what his girlfriend did. But he didn’t take it lying down. So he lawyered up and took Lee to court, where he sued and was eventually awarded $350,000 for his troubles.

Needless to say, Abramovitz and Lee are broken up now, and he’s dating a new girl. He’s performing with the Nashville Symphony Orchestra and living his best life.

This is one of those stories that just goes to show you how important it is to watch out for the crazies. Did Eric Abramovitz end up richer at the end of the day for dating one? Absolutely. But there’s zero excuse for this girl’s behavior. Does $350,000 even go far enough?

With that being said, I feel like I’m getting the short end of the stick here. I’ve dated my fair share of crazies (I won’t name names, but trust me, some of the stuff they’ve done makes this situation look like amateur hour). And I have no money to show for it. Maybe I should lawyer up and start suing for all my troubles, too. I think I deserve a nice vacation and some designer clothes.

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Jena Greene



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