New Allegations About Ariana Grande’s Future Husband Will Have You Laughing Out Loud

Jena Greene | Reporter

SNL comedian Pete Davidson and pop icon Ariana Grande got engaged earlier this month and the details coming out are pretty wild.

It may seem like Grande and Davidson have been living in relative romantic bliss for the past four weeks but a darker truth lurks beneath the surface. (RELATED: Everybody’s Favorite Singer Is Engaged)

Apparently, Pete Davidson wasn’t exactly a free man when he popped the question. At least, that’s what some people concerned with propriety and tradition are saying.

“Sources close to the newly engaged couple say Pete and his ex-gf, Cazzie David, were ‘on a break’ in early May — but not necessarily broken up for good — when his relationship with Ariana sparked,” TMZ reports. “But they hit if off, and it quickly became clear Pete was serious about moving on with Ariana.”

Oh man. I couldn’t be more pro-this-move. It seems like I could have underestimated Pete Davidson at first. I may or may not have called him one of the least attractive men in Hollywood, and I may or may not have also said Ariana Grande was way better than him and it was blasphemous that they were even dating.

But I’m gonna go ahead and take that back. Pete Davidson is a certified dog.

Now, I’m a big fan of going on a “break” with absolutely zero intention of getting back together. It’s one of my signature dating moves. And it seems like Pete Davidson is taking a page right out of my book. He’s circumventing all the dating norms to lock down a superstar before she realizes how much better than him she is. It’s the ultimate Hail Mary, and it couldn’t have been more perfectly executed.

Major congrats to the happy couple. I wish them a lifetime (or at least the national average of eight years) of marital bliss. They deserve it.

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Jena Greene



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