Watch This Brazilian Reporter Totally Dodge A Guy Who Tried To Kiss Her On Camera [VIDEO]

Jena Greene | Reporter

Brazilian journalist Julia Guimaraes gave a guy at the World Cup a run for his money this weekend after he tried to sneak a kiss with her on camera.

Right after Japan and Senegal’s 2-2 tie, Guimaraes stood outside the stadium to give a debrief of the game for SportTV. But a spectator decided to shoot his shot at the young woman without considering a swift repercussion. (RELATED: Get A Load Of This Chinese PSA On How To Avoid A Knife Attack [VIDEO])

You can check out the whole scene below. It’s laugh out loud funny.

It’s pretty hard to make out what Guimaraes says to the guy after the incident, but you can bet it wasn’t very nice. (RELATED: Watch This Weatherman Lose His Mind Over How Cold It’s Been [VIDEO])

Guimaraes later tweeted about the incident, saying “It’s hard to find words … Luckily, I never lived in Brazil! It’s happened twice already. Sad! Shameful!”

I’ve gotta say. As impressed I am by this guy’s confidence, I’m even more impressed with this woman’s ability to totally evade him. That’s Olympic-status flexibility. Somebody sign this chick up for the next pole vaulting competition. She’s got a real talent.

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