The ‘Westworld’ Season Two Finale Was An Epic Bloodbath [SPOILERS]

David Hookstead | Reporter

The second season of “Westworld” is officially in the books, and the finale was a wild ride.


The finale had a little bit of everything we hoped for throughout the past season, and there are a couple major points and takeaways to discuss.

First, and most obviously, Dolores, Bernard and somebody in Charlotte Hales’s body have successfully gotten out of the park. Dolores’ journey for the past two seasons is finally complete, and she is out of the park. Of course, she had to spill a ton of blood along the way. She walked right out of the place in a host body of Hale, which was one of the biggest reveals of the season. (RELATED: Watch The Greatest ‘Westworld’ Moment We’ve Had So Far [VIDEO])

It also raises some serious questions about her scene in the finale. She sits in the world talking with Bernard about how the two of them are now set on a course against each other. Dolores is hellbent on destroying humans, and Bernard is destined to stop her. The puzzling part is the fact Hale is present. If Dolores is back in her body, then who is in Hales’? I doubt it’s an unseen character. Wouldn’t make sense for it to be somebody new. My money is on a resurrected Maeve. The host in Hale will likely be a major part of season three.

Second, Maeve gave the ultimate sacrifice to save her daughter, and to ensure that her host child made it to the Valley Beyond. It was an epic scene as she holds off the hosts killing each other before getting cut down in a blaze of glory.

Maeve has became one of my favorite people throughout the show, and I hope that she’s not gone forever. She’s too great of a character to die at the end of season two. We can’t have Dolores’ carnage without Maeve’s balance.

The Ghost Nation also reached the Valley Beyond. In an emotional moment, Akecheta is reunited with his woman, and everything is right in his world.

This leads us to the Man in Black. Unfortunately, we didn’t get nearly enough of him in the finale. He tries to blow Dolores’ head off, but instead blows his hand off. This is my major disappointment with the finale. The show is at its best when the MiB is on screen. He wasn’t in the finale nearly enough for my liking. The only bright spot is the after-credits scene that shows him as a host being tested by his daughter, who is possibly a host, for fidelity. This scene takes place far in the future, which means that we’re eventually bound to find out how the Man in Black died. Don’t anticipate Ed Harris leaving the show anytime soon.

Finally, Sizemore redeemed himself. I’m not sure any character has seen more of a redemption arc on the show or in recent television history than our beloved Delos employee. He got cut down by gunfire as he bought time for Maeve to reach the Valley Beyond. We’re sad to see him go, but what a hell of way for him to exit the show.

Overall, I thought season two was outstanding. Season three can’t get here soon enough.

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