Soccer Legend Offers Explanation For His Bizarre World Cup Behavior

Jena Greene | Reporter

If you haven’t been following the World Cup this month, you’d probably just assume either Messi or Ronaldo was the star of the show and go about the rest of your life in relative ignorance.

But you’d be missing the exhibit of the century.

Soccer superstar Diego Maradona was present for the Argentina-Nigeria game on Tuesday and, after Argentina clinched a 2-1 win, he erupted into hysterics. Check out the highlight reel below:

And the final evolution:

A lot of people jumped to some quick assumptions about Diego potentially using cocaine, and it didn’t help this video of him near a suspicious white bag recently emerged, nor does it help that the glass in front of him seemed to be covered in suspicious white powder during the game. See:

But the former Argentinian superstar claims he was on something white, it just wasn’t cocaine.

“Where we were they were only serving white wine. Yes, we drank all the wine, but now I’m talking to you and I’m telling you the truth,” he told a journalist, later adding, “At the end of the first half we went to eat. I like red wine and there was white wine.”

And as for the photos of him receiving medical attention, Maradona only said his neck was hurting so he needed a doctor.

Maradona has a long history of struggling with substance abuse. He was often suspended from play for banned substances and admitted he was an addict, although he maintains he’s clean now.

Let’s hope he’s telling the truth.

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Jena Greene



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