MLB Players Suffers EXTREMELY GRAPHIC Leg Injury [VIDEO]

Jena Greene | Reporter

Newly drafted LA Angels pitcher Jake Jewell made the third appearance of his career last night, and judging by the gruesome injury he suffered, we wouldn’t be surprised if it was his last.

It happened during the bottom of the eighth inning against the Red Sox, who were up 8–6. So, in an effort to tag Red Sox outfielder J.D. Martinez out at home plate, he sustained what may be the most graphic injury in the history of major league baseball. (RELATED: Check Out This Insane Fight Between A Bunch Of Parents At A Youth Softball Game [VIDEO])

Consider yourself warned; this is a pretty nasty video.

Jewell writhed on the ground for what seems like an eternity until medics were able to take him away on a stretcher.

It’s still unclear what sort of condition Jewell is in, or what his recovery time is expected to be.

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