The Latest ‘Purge’ Film Has Some Surprising Box Office Numbers

David Hookstead | Reporter

The early box office numbers for “The First Purge” are very strong.

The Hollywood Reporter reported Thursday:

Universal and Blumhouse’s The First Purge set off fireworks at the July 4 box office with an opening day of $9.3 million. 

Marking the fourth installment in the successful horror franchise,The First Purge is targeting a $25-$30 million Wednesday-Sunday launch, although Wednesday’s number suggests it will come in the higher end of that range. Wednesday’s haul included $2.5 million in Tuesday-night previews. Platinum Dunes is also a producer on the series.

I’m actually surprised the box office numbers are this strong, especially considering how bad “The Purge: Election Year” was. The good news for the study is that the film only cost a reported $13 million to make. They’re going to double the budget on the first weekend. I believe that’s what people call winning! It’s not going to multiply it’s budget by twenty like the original, but it’s not a bad haul at all.

I’m just praying this movie doesn’t absolutely suck. The first two were awesome. “The Purge” was one of the coolest horror movies I’d ever seen. It totally shook things up, but then politics started to get injected. As I said above, the third one was awful. My worry is, “The First Purge” will follow in the path of the latest and not the first two. (RELATED: THE NEW ‘PURGE’ MOVIE LOOKS LIKE IT’LL BE COMPLETE TRASH)

Either way, I’ll be giving it a shot. I just hope it’s not a complete and utter waste of money.

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