Dispatcher References Female Assault Victim At LeSean McCoy’s House

William Boyd | Contributor

TMZ Sports obtained audio of an emergency operator dispatching personnel to LeSean McCoy’s house to treat a “female who was assaulted, hit in the head and locked in the bathroom.”

“We do have PD (police) in route in reference to a home invasion where a phone was taken,” the dispatcher says. The call took place around 3:23 a.m. Monday.

McCoy has already denied the allegations levied against him in a tweet Monday afternoon.

The victim of the alleged beating was LeSean McCoy’s ex-girlfriend Delicia Cordon, who has been living with McCoy for the past year after they broke up. It is now reported by TMZ that McCoy went to the court in June trying to get the judge to force Cordon to move out of the home. He also wanted the judge to tell her to return all the items that were in her possession that were owned by him.

The two of them were supposed to be in court Tuesday over this dispute. According to TMZ, the two had been close to marriage, but then things turned sour, as Cordon accused McCoy of removing items of furniture and furnishings that were owned by Cordon. She saw it on the live security camera and called the police to stop them from removal of the items. He also allegedly turned off the electricity to her place.

William Boyd



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