HBO Releases Another Electric Trailer For The Cleveland Browns ‘Hard Knocks’ Season

David Hookstead | Reporter

HBO recently dropped another entertaining preview for the upcoming season of “Hard Knocks.”

The Cleveland Browns were the lucky team selected, and you know that’s going to be a content gold mine. There are very few things more depressing and in a state of despair than the Cleveland Browns organization. They’re a joke in the NFL. Last year, the squad managed to win a grand total of zero games. I wouldn’t qualify that as a great year.

Well, it turns out, the fans of the team are still as juiced as ever. Check out the latest preview to find out what I’m talking about. (RELATED: BAKER MAYFIELD GETS ENGAGED. SHOULD THE CLEVELAND BROWNS BE CONCERNED?)

As weird as this sounds, the Browns are actually one of the more intriguing teams in the league this year. Baker Mayfield has the entire city at his fingertips, but can he deliver? That’s the million dollar question. (RELATED: We Should All Be Hoping Baker Mayfield Is A Success In Cleveland)

You can catch “Hard Knocks” on HBO August 7.

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