Watch This Mesmerizing Video Of The Latest Tour De France Crash [VIDEO]

Jena Greene | Reporter

We’ve got footage of the latest Tour de France crash from this year, and it almost looks fake.

It happened on Tuesday when the peloton was competing in Stage Four of the leg with only about 5 km left. And while most crashes during the Tour de France don’t cause much damage since they happen closer to the side of the road, this one took place right in the middle of the peloton. (RELATED: Somehow, Everyone Managed To Walk Away From This Insane Car Crash [WATCH])

The aerial footage of the massive crash almost looks like dominoes.

Some of the bikers, including a Belgian favorite, Tiesj Benoot, are reportedly out of the race entirely after sustaining serious injuries.

Some racers are still being treated for their injuries, and it’s not clear how many will be out for the rest of this year’s race.

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