The Dancing FBI Agent Who Allegedly Shot Somebody Is Strapped Again. God Bless America!

David Hookstead | Reporter

Remember the dancing FBI agent who allegedly shot somebody in a Denver bar? Well, a judge recently allowed him to carry his gun again.

Chase Bishop has been accused of accidentally shooting a man in June while busting a move at Mile High Spirits. His gun appeared to fall from its holster in the back of his pants, and it discharged when he appeared to try and pick it up. You can watch it in a video below. (RELATED: MAN WHO WAS ACCIDENTALLY SHOT BY DANCING FBI AGENT GETS AWESOME PERK FOR LIFE)

Now, you might think a guy accused of accidentally shooting somebody in a bar would be disallowed from carrying a gun ever again. Well, then you’d be forgetting this is America, and Bishop is absolutely going to remain strapped. The New York Post reported the following:

A judge allowed the change to Chase Bishop’s conditions for release from jail during a short court hearing Tuesday.

Bishop’s lawyer, David Goddard, told Judge Fran Simonet that the FBI strongly encourages its agents to carry the service weapons when they are not working. Prosecutors did not object, so Simonet said Bishop could be armed both on and off duty.

Bishop will still not be allowed to drink or use drugs while his case is pending.

Isn’t America a beautiful place? What type of country are we living in if FBI agents accused of accidentally shooting people aren’t allowed to carry their service weapons?

Look, If I’m a plane that’s being hijacked, I don’t want the FBI agent sitting in seat 5F to be unarmed simply because he might have let off a few courtesy rounds while getting down to Garth Brooks’ “Friends in Low Places.”

This really shouldn’t be a laughing matter, but it obviously is. Who would believe anybody who tried to convince you an FBI agent allegedly shot a man at a bar, was arrested and then judge told him he could keep carrying guns around? Nobody, but people forget this is America.

What if the British decide to get a bit frisky and go for a repeat of 1776? I want everybody in this country armed, regardless of whether they accidentally shot somebody in the past. I guess I just love freedom that much.

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