Remember Former NFL Star QB RGIII? He Sure Looks Different These Days [VIDEO]

David Hookstead | Reporter

Former Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III doesn’t look anything like he did during his early playing days in the NFL.

RGIII, who recently signed a one-year deal with the Baltimore Ravens, was spotted by TMZ in Los Angeles as he strolled around. Obviously, they had to ask him about the upcoming season, as well as his dominant 2012 season. (RELATED: BALTIMORE RAVENS SHOCK THE LEAGUE, SIGN RGIII)

“It elevates the room. It elevates the expectations. So, we’ve got a great room. All the guys are great as far as helping each other out and using the competition to get better,” the Baylor Heisman winner said when asked about Joe Flacco and highly-touted rookie quarterback Lamar Jackson also being on the roster.

As for his 2012 season, RGIII didn’t seem interested in discussing it at all.

There are two major takeaways for me here: First, the odds of RGIII actually making the squad are next to zero. The Ravens didn’t draft Jackson to sit behind RGIII. I hate to be the guy who breaks that news to the man, but it’s true.

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Second, what is going on with RGIII’s look? Seems like he let himself go a little bit. I guess that’s just what Los Angeles does to a man. You just become a free spirit who lets his hair grow into some kind of weird afro. Not an outstanding look.

The good news is, he’ll have plenty of time to focus on his look come September when he’s likely not on the Ravens anymore.

It’s really a shame how his career has turned out. He used to be so much fun to watch when he was healthy. It’s too bad his career just got hammered with injuries. We’ll only ever be able to guess what could have been.

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