SEC Rival Pokes At Nick Saban Getting Stranded On Boat

William Boyd | Contributor

Will Muschamp, the head coach of South Carolina, shared a picture of him with his team on a boat on Tuesday.

Muschamp tweeted “Great day on the lake! #GoCocks!” Muschamp then added the hashtag “#HadGas,” a reference to the time Nick Saban and some players got stranded on a lake.

The Alabama players said at the time that they were out of gas, though Saban told ESPN later that the boat stalled because of a “defective fuel pump.”

Sadly, Saban and Muschamp would not face off until the SEC title game because of their schedules this upcoming year. I feel like if Saban wanted to shut him down, all he would have to do is show Muschamp all of his national championship rings. That would stop Muschamp right in his tracks.

This isn’t the first time Muschamp called out a coach on Twitter. Back in 2017, Texas A&M defensive line coach Terry Price had all of the defensive linemen over to his house and cooked ribs. He posted a picture of it on Twitter. Muschamp saw the tweet and responded, “TPrice-look dry- over cooked #cannotcook.” Hopefully, we can get some of these hashtags during the season. Coaches calling out other coaches always makes the games that much more fun.

William Boyd



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