Watch Angry England Fan Throw Beer Straight Into Reporter’s Face After World Cup Loss [VIDEO]

Jena Greene | Reporter

It’s a pretty universally accepted rule that you never come between England and their football.

But in case you were wondering how seriously the U.K. takes this rule, a reporter tested the boundaries and got less than stellar results on Wednesday night.

Newshub’s Europe correspondent Lloyd Burr was trying to give a live television broadcast from inside the Boxpark Croydon pub just moments after England lost to Croatia 2–1 in overtime last night. Emotions were running high, and it’s probably a safe bet that pretty much zero people were happy in the pub. (RELATED: Check Your Pulse If These Videos Of Croatia Celebrating After Their Shocking World Cup Win Don’t Pump You Up) 

So, when he started recapping the game for The AM Show, one fan put him in his place by emptying a beer in his face.

Burr claims the angry fan was technically an Aussie, but it doesn’t really make a difference. A beer in the face is a beer in the face. It’s the ultimate degradation, right up there with stealing a guy’s girlfriend or loudly telling someone they have food in their teeth in front of a large group.

With that being said, Lloyd Burr took this like an absolute champ. He barely even paused to shake it off before carrying on.

And let’s be honest. Getting beer spilled on you in England is about as common as expensive flats and room-temperature fish and chips. It’s just an integral part of the culture.

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Jena Greene



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