Here’s How Many NFL Teams Are Apparently Still Interested In Johnny Manziel

David Hookstead | Reporter

A large portion of the NFL is still interested in Johnny Manziel, according to his agent Erik Burkhardt.

Burkhardt said the following on Manziel’s Barstool Sports “Comeback SZN” podcast. Transcription 3DOWNNATION via :

“I’ve had probably half the league reach out to me and go, ‘man that’s exactly where he needs to be right now, around teammates, around June, continuing to learn ball, get better, be back in the game … Whether it’s GMs or head coaches or offensive coordinators all around the NFL, I’ve literally probably had half the NFL reach out and say ‘look we’re still watching him, he’s right where he needs to be, tell him to keep his head down, keep working, keep learning and he’ll be right back where he should be here soon enough’. That’s been really encouraging.”

I’m surprised that so many teams are still interested and following Johnny Football. I suppose that I shouldn’t be, but half the league is a lot of teams to still be keeping tabs. The upside for Manziel is that he’s actually done a great job of staying focused north of the border in the CFL. (RELATED: JOHNNY MANZIEL’S COLLEGE COACH REVEALS ABSURD STORY ABOUT THE QB’S TIME AT A&M)

Sure, he’s not getting reps, but he’s also staying out of trouble. Nobody questions whether or not he’s got the talent to play. The only question has only been whether or not he can keep his eyes on the prize. There’s been nothing but great stuff coming out of Canada. That should keep NFL interest around for a long time.

Thankful for better days and the opportunity to do what I love #ComebackSZN

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#ComebackSZN is going strong, and apparently, a bunch of the NFL is here for it. That’s music to my ears. Now, we just need him to actually get some snaps so he can start torching these fools in the CFL.

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