This MLB Team Draws A Crowd Smaller Than Your Average WNBA Game

David Hookstead | Reporter

The Miami Marlins had a pathetic number of fans at their game Wednesday night against the Milwaukee Brewers.

Darren Rovell tweeted late Wednesday, “Marlins announce record low 5,265 fans tonight. But, to their credit, at least they didn’t lie about the number like 90 percent of professional sports teams.”

You’re probably wondering just how bad this is. Well, your average WNBA game has nearly 8,000 fans in attendance. Not exactly a great look for an MLB team to have fewer people in the seats than a basketball league where the players can’t dunk. (RELATED: I’M HITTING UP THE BALLPARK FOR THE FIRST TIME THIS SUMMER. SOUNDS LIKE IT’S TIME FOR SOME BEERS)

How embarrassing is this for the Marlins and the MLB as a whole? You have a team that can’t even fill up 20 percent of its stadium’s capacity.

Flip cup, level 1000.

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It’s absolutely pathetic. Fire whoever is in charge of this circus, and put me in control. I’ll have that place packed by the end of summer.

I get the fact there are plenty of entertainment options in Miami, but there is never an excuse for a pro sports team to have such bad attendance. It’s baseball! Find some fun promotions, sign some players with bigger names and put a product on the field more than 5,000 people find interesting. It’s not that difficult.

The people running the Marlins should be ashamed to show their faces in public for allowing their team to be less popular than your average WNBA team. It’s so sad that you have no choice but to laugh.

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