Is It An Overreaction To Divorce Your Wife Of 14 Years Because She ‘Joked’ About Messi’s Soccer Skills?

Jena Greene | Reporter

A Russian man has filed for divorce from his wife of 14 years because she didn’t like Lionel Messi.

The UK Daily Mail reported the following:

A Russian man is divorcing his wife of 14 years after she criticised Lionel Messi’s performance in the World Cup.

Arsen, 40, and Lyudmila, 37, bonded over their shared love of football when they met in a sports bar in Chelyabinsk, Russia, during the 2002 tournament.

He said that he and his wife regularly joke with one another about Messi and Ronaldo – but this World Cup provided ‘the last straw…’

…Arsen said Argentina’s disappointing debut during the World Cup this year led to his wife mocking the player’s performance.

He ignored her – but when he was celebrating Messi’s goal against Nigeria, he snapped when his wife began mocking the star player again.

And snapped he did.

“I thought of her handsome Ronaldo, the Portugese national team, herself and all the other clubs Lyudmila is crazy about,” he explained. “Then I took all my things and left her for good.”

Man. You have got to love people and their soccer. I thought Americans were crazy about their football teams but this takes things to a whole new level. If a sport is breaking up entire relationships, that’s how you know it’s real.

It does sound like this man may have had a bit of a jealousy problem, too. Well adjusted people in normal marriages don’t spend their time fixating on “handsome Ronaldo” then immediately file for divorce. It kind of sounds like our girl Lyudmila may have dodged a serious bullet here.

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