World Cup Star Plans to Donate Entire Salary To Charity After Winning

Jena Greene | Reporter

Breakout World Cup star Kylian Mbappe just helped bring the FIFA World Cup Trophy back home to France, but it’s what he did after the final whistle that got people talking.

The pro forward, who plays for Paris Saint-Germain during the regular season, announced his plans to donate everything he earned from representing his country in Moscow to a charity. (RELATED: The World Cup Ratings Are In And They’re Not Exactly Pretty) 

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“It’s understood that Mbappe earns around £17,000 per game, with bonuses added. But Mbappe, who is a patron of the association, is donating anything he earns,” Sports Illustrated reported, per an original French report in L’Equipe. “The donation will include the reported £265,000 bonus that the star is in line to earn should France win the tournament.”

Mbappe’s charity of choice is Preiers de Cordees association, which helps kids with disabilities participate in sports. (RELATED: Check Your Pulse If These Videos Of Croatia Celebrating After Their Shocking Win Don’t Pump You Up) 

Not bad for the 19-year-old’s first World Cup debut.

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