‘Yellowstone’ Shocks Fans In Latest Episode [SPOILERS]

David Hookstead | Reporter

Once again, “Yellowstone” absolutely blew the audience away with the latest episode.

I’m a little late to the review this time because I wanted to watch it twice before really digging in, but let’s jump in.


There are two obvious points to discuss in this episode above all else. The first is that John Dutton (Kevin Costner) had surgery to remove cancer from his colon, which is important because it means he might die sooner than later. He said the surgery was successful, but who knows if he’s telling the truth. The show is only running seven episodes, which means we can start assuming Mr. Dutton might not be alive when the final credits role.

Second — and this is the major point — Kayce got arrested at the end of the episode. Now, we don’t know for sure why. The development company found the remains of the two criminals he gunned down, burned and buried. It’s a safe bet that’s the reason why, but there’s still two dead bodies out there to be accounted for. Is there a chance he went down for one of them? (RELATED: KEVIN COSTNER’S NEW SHOW ‘YELLOWSTONE’ IS MUST-WATCH TELEVISION)

The other thing to consider here is that he killed the two kidnappers with a slide on his Glock that he took from a cop. Speaking from a ballistics standpoint, the writers might make it look like the cops killed those guys.

I anticipate a twist or two coming from that angle. Plus, Kayce is the hero we all are supporting. Nobody wants to see him go down in a ball of flames.

Tune in next week to find out what happens. Only three episodes left before this outstanding show comes to an end!

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