Superstar Rapper Gets Kidnapped And Brutally Beaten. The Details Are Horrific

David Hookstead | Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief

Rapper Tekashi69 was savagely robbed and beaten over the weekend.

According to TMZ, Tekashi69 was robbed of $750,000 worth of jewelry, was pistol-whipped and kidnapped after he finished up shooting a music video in Brooklyn.

A car reportedly blocked the driveway of his house and grabbed him. Two men allegedly robbed his home as another one looked after the star rapper. He apparently was able to eventually jump out of the car during the kidnapping as they drove away from his house, and was able to get help.

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But the story isn’t as simple as TMZ initially reported. Tekashi69 didn’t tell the cops anything about a blocked driveway, according to TMZ. He told them he was snatched out of a car while on a drive home, and that the driver was robbed of his phone.

The stories don’t exactly line up. TMZ speculated there might be a difference between the two versions because Tekashi69 wants to project a stronger image than reality.

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What is up with all these rappers getting into problems lately? XXXTentacion was gunned down and killed in June, and Tekashi69 has been in trouble with the law prior to this kidnapping and beating. (RELATED: SUSPECT ARRESTED IN SHOOTING DEATH OF RAP SUPERSTAR)

Hopefully, the people behind this crime are caught extremely soon. I can’t imagine what it must be like to get robbed of $750,000 and beaten. You simply can’t have people committing crimes of that nature walking around society.

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