Jon Gruden Won’t Take Raiders’ Money If He Loses

David Hookstead | Reporter

Jon Gruden apparently doesn’t plan on cashing in on his $100 million contract if he doesn’t win with the Oakland Raiders.

The electric coach scored a massive contract this offseason to return to the NFL. Apparently, however, he’s not counting it all right now. He recently told USA Today, “If I can’t get it done, I’m not going to take their money.”

Need a reason to get excited for #RaidersCamp? Coach has got you.

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This is such a classic Gruden move that you have no choice but to love it. Now, don’t get confused here. He’s incredibly foolish if he gets fired and just chooses to not get the rest of his guaranteed contract. That would be beyond dumb. I’m not endorsing potentially leaving all that money on the table. (RELATED: MATTHEW STAFFORD’S 2017 HIGHLIGHTS ARE PRETTY MUCH STRAIGHT UP FOOTBALL PORN)

I’m simply saying that this doesn’t surprise me at all. Gruden is a soundbite machine. It’s what he does best. It’s the reason why he was so popular during his days at ESPN. You just never know what’s going to come out of his mouth, and now he just told USA Today that he doesn’t expect to be paid if the Raiders don’t win. Amazing. That’s just a football guy through-and-through.

That Autumn Wind is not far away. #RaidersCamp

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I hoped and prayed the Gruden era in Oakland would be a content goldmine, and it hasn’t disappointed so far. Let’s also all just realize this experiment is either going to go incredibly well or it’s going to implode. There is no middle ground here. Either way, I’m here for every second of it.

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