Man Who Carried Alligator Into Liquor Store While Blackout Drunk Speaks Out [WATCH]

Jena Greene | Reporter

A Florida man decided to make a liquor store run with an alligator this weekend, and it didn’t exactly go unnoticed.

The Smoke Room wrote up the original story on Monday. A young Florida man named Robby Stratton got pretty blitzed, needed more alcohol to keep the good times rolling, ran out to the liquor store — with a gator under his arms — was caught on film and went viral. (RELATED: Man Walks Into Gas Station Carrying Live Alligator. Let’s See How It Worked Out [VIDEO])

Here’s the original video:

Action News Jacksonville tracked Stratton down and questioned him about that night.

When asked whether he had any recollection, the man shook his head.

“[None] at all. This store sells some good liquor. And I drank a lot of it that night,” he said. “I don’t even remember coming up here.”

He also said he had “no clue” where he got the alligator, whose mouth was taped shut.

“They told me what I did was stupid, and I’ll be facing some charges here soon, and [I’ll] probably go to jail, or probably not. We’ll see.”

Not that this interview helps to clear the situation up much, but it’s definitely great entertainment. Let’s hope the FWC can overlook Stratton’s little incident and just thank him for his service.

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