Another MLB Pitcher Contracts Viral Disease

William Boyd | Contributor

New York Yankees pitcher J.A. Happ has contracted hand, foot and mouth disease, just a few weeks after New York Mets pitcher Noah Syndergaard contracted the same illness.

Adults can get this disease while dealing with young kids, doing things like changing their diapers or being potty trained. Happ was sent home by the team on Tuesday, most likely as a precaution to keep it from spreading. The disease is most common in children, according to the Mayo Clinic.

Happ was just recently traded to the Yankees from the Blue Jays on July 26, and he made his first start for the team on Sunday. He was scheduled again to pitch during the weekend series against the Red Sox, but now it is unclear if he will be able to start. Yankees general manager Brian Cashman said that Happ will most likely miss his start if the disease does not improve. “If everything is as it is now, he probably would be able to go on Saturday,” Cashman said, according to CBS Sports. “But it’s to be determined, so we’re taking all the necessary precautions.”

Cashman told the media he would not put Happ on the DL yet, as they want to see how he recovers. Their only guess for how he got the disease is that he received it after flying commercially earlier that week. Cashman told the media, “I can only convey to you what our internist who evaluated Happ conveyed to me. He feels currently this is a mild case, but he’ll stay connected.

“No one’s really going to have an answer to it, other than just guessing,”

This disease is no joke. The symptoms are a fever, mouth sores, and skin rashes. You can be infected easily if people who have the disease cough or sneeze around you. The symptoms sound awful and certainly something that I would not want to get. If Happ has only a mild case, it’s a good sign for him to come back soon.

William Boyd



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