Ginormous Idiot Tries To Fight A Bison. Let’s See How It Worked Out For Him [VIDEO]

Jena Greene | Reporter

A video taken near Yellowstone National Park is getting national attention this week after a man tried to go toe-to-toe with a bison.

In the nearly one-minute clip, a very stupid man can be seen trying to either move or fight a bison in the middle of a traffic jam. (RELATED: A Bicyclist Got Eaten By A Cougar This Weekend. Here Are The Wild Details)

“Oh God, I can’t watch,” a spectator says as the massive animal — which can weigh up to 2,000 pounds — charges him multiple times. (RELATED: Man Who Carried Alligator Into Liquor Store While Blackout Drunk Speaks Out [VIDEO])

You can watch it below:

You have to be a major meathead/moron if you taunt a bison like this. You’re basically asking to get tossed off a cliff or gored by one of their terrifying horns if you corner them in the middle of a traffic jam.

I don’t even blame these spectators for not helping him out. It’s just nature. And if it comes down to separating a stupid 170-pound man from a 2,000-pound bison and staying in safety of one’s car, I’m choosing the second option every single time.

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