NBA Star Wears Horrendous Disguise To Music Festival. What Do You Think?

David Hookstead | Reporter

Charlotte Hornets star Frank Kaminsky wore a hilarious disguise to the music festival Lollapalooza.

It’s understandable why the former Wisconsin Badgers star might want to wear a disguise. After all, he’s nearly seven feet tall. (RELATED: NBA PLAYER RIPS THE POLITICALLY CORRECT ATMOSPHERE OF TWITTER AFTER KANYE RANT)

But I’m not sure this disguise worked very well. He threw on a fake afro and beard, but he still stood out a bit. In fact, this might be one of the worst disguises we’ve ever seen.

Sometimes you go to Lollapalooza

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Honestly, Kaminsky is one of the funnier guys in pro sports, and he was the same way during his days tearing up Madison. Kaminsky has just never seemed to take himself too seriously. I love athletes who have a great sense of humor.

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Way too many people take themselves ultra-seriously, and it’s annoying as hell. You know you’ve got a great sense of humor when you throw on a fake beard and afro to take in some tunes. A classic move. Now, it’s not the same as Manziel’s “Billy Vegas” disguise, but nothing ever will be.

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