Kim Kardashian Defends Kendall Jenner Following Report That Her Sister’s Dog Allegedly Bit Someone

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Kim Kardashian defended Kendall Jenner following report that her sister’s dog allegedly bit a little girl over the weekend.

“Do u know Kendall[Jenner]? She’s the complete opposite & is the most generous,compassionate person I know! Her being standoffish is anxiety that paralyzes her which u take as rude,” the 37-year-old reality star tweeted in response to since deleted tweet from a user identified as Sophie Ross. “Only a despicable, entitled,unsympathetic,sadistic, uncharitable @self-absorbed human would write this tweet.”

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The deleted tweet from Ross read “Add this to the growing list of reasons why @KendallJenner is a disturbingly despicable, entitled, unsympathetic, sadistic, uncharitable and self-absorbed human being who doesn’t deserve to be idolized. (Yes, I went there.)”

Jenner also responded to the person and wrote that she hoped to meet them one day and she might tell her “a little bit about the story too.”

The initial report stated that the 22-year-old super model was out in Los Angeles at a deli with her Doberman Pinscher when the dog allegedly bit a little girl. Because no puncture wounds were evident, the deli staff just gave the little girl some ice. Then afterwards the mother came back outside and Jenner had “vanished.”

A source told E!News that the dog never bit the girl — he “just scared her causing her to cry.” Jenner’s dog allegedly made a growling sound as the girl got close and lunged toward her, but never bit her. The Los Angeles police department also confirmed to the outlet that police officers didn’t respond to the call because a crime didn’t occur.

As far as the vanishing part, a source shared with Yahoo Entertainment, that “Once [Kendall] knew the little girl was OK, she got up while her friend paid the bill. No one ‘vanished.'”

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