LeBron James To Produce Another Show, Combines Sports and Politics

William Boyd | Contributor
LeBron James will be producing another docuseries on Showtime, this one called “Shut Up And Dribble,” according to Variety.
The new show will be taking its title from a quote from Laura Ingraham, who told LeBron James to “shut up and dribble” after he made several political comments last year. The show will start in October and will look at the athletes’ roles in the ever changing political and cultural landscape. He will be producing this show alongside business partner Maverick Carter and his agent Rich Paul. The show was described as “a powerful inside look at the changing role of athletes in our fraught cultural and political environment.”
James has yet to play a single minute for the Lakers, but has already made a substantial impact on Hollywood. He  announced early last month that he will be producing another show called “The Shop,” which will air its first episode on August 28th on HBO. The show has been described as Lebron having candid conversations with other athletes in a barbershop. This show had athletes such as Odell Beckham Jr., Draymond Green, and Candace Parker all on the first episode.
Gotham Chopra, the man who will head the project with James, talked about the project and its potential impact. “It’s really an exploration of how basketball is truly America’s game and the NBA has been a vessel for black athletes to claim pieces of the American dream.”
Showtime president David Nevins talked about how excited he was for the new series to start. “If being a star athlete is inherently a political experience, Shut Up and Dribble tells that complex and dramatic story from the past to the present and from the inside out.”
“LeBron James is one of many competitors whose place in the spotlight has led not to silence but perspective, and he, Maverick Carter and Gotham Chopra have given us an important, insightful docuseries that should bring their fans and fellow citizens to a higher level of discourse, rather than the dismissal satirized in the title.”
The premise of the series is tracing the modern history of basketball. The docuseries will start around 1976 with the merger of the American Basketball Association and National Basketball Association. It will then examine the role of players and how their impact has expanded from just players to the business world. It will show how the role of players has gone from just basketball players to world icons.
James recently found himself involved in a political controversy after criticizing the President for using sports to “divide us, and that’s something I can’t relate to.” So, it seems like there will be plenty more of these controversial statements to come from this show.

William Boyd



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